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Prenatal Appointment #4 / Pregnancy Ultrasound #7

Today we had our 20-week general prenatal appointment with the OB. It was a brief appointment, mostly for giving us the results of our Quad Screen (mentioned in a previous post) and our recent 20-week “anatomy scan” ultrasound. Both the … Continue reading


Prenatal Appointment #3 / Pregnancy Ultrasound #5

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We had our 16 week prenatal appointment (official prenatal appointment #3) today – Molly is 16 weeks, 3 days pregnant – still with twins! This was our first appointment with the OB; up until now we’ve only seen the Certified … Continue reading


Nuchal Translucency Screening

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At 12 weeks, 6 days pregnant with twins, this morning we had our first prenatal screening test – the Nuchal Translucency (NT) screening ultrasound. The NT is performed between 11 and 14 weeks (gestational age), and it is an ultrasound … Continue reading