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Try #2 – Ultrasound #6 and Estradiol – Monitoring / Novarel

This morning the ultrasound showed that the leading follicles are finally large enough to warrant the trigger shot of Novarel!  Also, the estradiol today was 2894.  Steep rises in estradiol levels can be a concern for potential Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome … Continue reading


Try #2 – Baseline Labs and Ultrasound #1 + Starting Follistim

Although I couldn’t be there for it because I am still on a work trip, Molly had the baseline ultrasound and bloodwork today (after Cycle Day 1 occurred three days ago).  Apparently everything looked good (including the known right-sided peritubal … Continue reading


Try #2 – Starting Lupron

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This is what a cycle of IVF medications looks like: Plus even more if it works! Today, Cycle Day 21, Molly started the first injectable medication for the fresh IVF cycle.  In the protocol we are doing, Lupron (leuprolide acetate) … Continue reading