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Try #2 – Baseline Labs and Ultrasound #1 + Starting Follistim

Although I couldn’t be there for it because I am still on a work trip, Molly had the baseline ultrasound and bloodwork today (after Cycle Day 1 occurred three days ago).  Apparently everything looked good (including the known right-sided peritubal … Continue reading


Try #2 – Starting Lupron

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This is what a cycle of IVF medications looks like: Plus even more if it works! Today, Cycle Day 21, Molly started the first injectable medication for the fresh IVF cycle.  In the protocol we are doing, Lupron (leuprolide acetate) … Continue reading


Try #2 – IVF Orientation

Today we had an all-morning appointment they call their “IVF Orientation” at the fertility center. They told us they had reviewed the hysterosalpingogram results done earlier this year at a different provider and said they looked fine as well as … Continue reading