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Months 19-21

I’m actually keeping my goal of updating this blog within 3 months!  Amazing! The girls are now 21 months old, and over the past 3 months, we’ve conquered another cross-country flight and back for the holidays, met the girls’ donor … Continue reading


Month 5

I can’t believe the babies are 5 months old already. Time used to pass so slowly and now, as I expected, it is beginning to fly by. I feel like I just wrote the Month 4 post like last week. … Continue reading


Old Lasts / New Firsts

At 17 weeks, 4 days pregnant, we’ve reached the 4-month mark, as counted from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP, August 21st). If you count a month as about 4.5 weeks (for 40 weeks in a 9 … Continue reading