Try #2 – Ultrasound #6 and Estradiol – Monitoring / Novarel

This morning the ultrasound showed that the leading follicles are finally large enough to warrant the trigger shot of Novarel!  Also, the estradiol today was 2894.  Steep rises in estradiol levels can be a concern for potential Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome so I guess we’re going to need to be even more aware of this possibility.

The plan is to stop the Follistim (none tonight) and to do the trigger shot tonight at 11:00pm sharp.  Apparently the other medications are more forgiving if you vary by a few hours every day, but the Novarel has to be given at exactly the right time, because they plan the egg retrieval for 35 hours after giving the trigger shot.  Tomorrow morning, Molly will do the last Lupron shot and start the 5-day courses of preventative doxycycline and Medrol.

The egg retrieval is set for 10:00 am on October 1st!

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