Try #2 – Ultrasound #3 and Estradiol – Monitoring & Sperm Shipment Update

Today’s estradiol was 849, apparently right where they want it to be, so it looks like the right dose (for now) is 175 units/evening.  The ultrasound revealed 4-5 largest follicles on each side, with many more waiting in the wings on both sides.  They said that the follicles can grow quite rapidly from now on so it looks like daily estradiol levels and ultrasounds are in order until they tell us to do the trigger shot.

And an update on our sperm shipment screw-up:  California Cryobank was amazing and was able to process the shipment order and send out the vial today.  We chose to do overnight shipping, which costs almost twice what the normal 2-day shipping costs, but it was the only way to guarantee that this entire IVF cycle wasn’t a total waste of time and money.  Whew!  That was a little too close for comfort.

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