Try #2 – Sperm Shipment Screw-up?

Last night, right before I drifted off to sleep, I remembered one critical piece of this puzzle that we hadn’t accounted for – shipment of the sperm vials to the fertility clinic!

I remembered this last night (Wednesday night).  Today is Thursday, and with a predicted retrieval date either this coming Sunday or Monday morning, a typical processing time of 48 hours after submitting the shipment request, normal 2-day shipping (or even if they could do it overnight, there are no deliveries on Sundays) …do the math, and you’ll quickly see that we may have just royally screwed ourselves.

I am suddenly having flashbacks to when we screwed up a gonadotropins shot right before the trigger shot on the cycle we became pregnant with the twins.  The only thing we can hope is that California Cryobank can both push the shipment order through and ship it out today with overnight shipping, which would be the only way to guarantee the fertility center has the vial in time for a potential egg retrieval this weekend or Monday morning.

Ugh!  I guess we forgot that I can’t just show up and give them the goods.  What an oversight!  Hopefully an oversight that isn’t too expensive!

3 responses to “Try #2 – Sperm Shipment Screw-up?

  1. I only laugh because I’m your friend and I love you.

  2. OMG! Let’s hope and pray.

  3. Gretchen Virkler

    We might have a similar lack-of-FedEx-on-Sunday issue, depending on my cycle! Who knew it could be that big of a deal, no shipping on Sundays!

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