Try #2 – Baseline Labs and Ultrasound #1 + Starting Follistim

Although I couldn’t be there for it because I am still on a work trip, Molly had the baseline ultrasound and bloodwork today (after Cycle Day 1 occurred three days ago).  Apparently everything looked good (including the known right-sided peritubal cyst), and the estrogen level was also good (didn’t find out exactly what it was though).  Molly was instructed to start Follistim, the next medication in the protocol.

In the protocol we are following, Follistim (follicle stimulating hormone, FSH) is given as a subcutaneous shot every day until the evening of the trigger shot.  The purpose of the Follistim is to stimulate the development of egg-containing follicles on the ovaries.  Our protocol is to give 200 units every evening, though the dose may change as they monitor the response of the ovaries and estrogen level, and continue until instructed to stop and give the trigger shot.

Starting tomorrow morning, the Lupron will also be decreased to 10 units every morning and continue at this dose until the day before the egg retrieval.

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