Try #2 – Starting Lupron

This is what a cycle of IVF medications looks like:

IVF Meds

Plus even more if it works!

Today, Cycle Day 21, Molly started the first injectable medication for the fresh IVF cycle.  In the protocol we are doing, Lupron (leuprolide acetate) is given as a subcutaneous shot every day until the day of egg retrieval.  The purpose of the Lupron is to prevent the endogenous production of FSH and LH, which most importantly prevents ovulation from occurring on its own.

Our protocol is to give 20 units every morning until the baseline bloodwork and ultrasound have been performed following the next Cycle Day 1, and at that point the dose will most likely be decreased.

Now all we have to do is wait until Cycle Day 1, at which point they will schedule the baseline bloodwork and ultrasound.  The doctor previously said that if Cycle Day 1 didn’t occur within 14 days of starting Lupron, then to go ahead and call and they’ll figure out what to do.  However, they also said that most folks get their period 7-10 days after starting the Lupron.

Unfortunately, I am schedule to leave for a work trip starting tomorrow and lasting anywhere between one and two weeks.  I feel horrible leaving her to do the injections by herself, but at least they are subcutaneous injections with a very small needle (which at least are easier to give yourself than intramuscular injections).  She did a great job this morning with the first one so I know she’ll continue to do great with the rest while I am gone.

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