Next Steps

Things have been quite busy here, which explains why my postings dropped off the face of the planet.  After my last pregnancy-related post, Cycle Day 1 appeared just 2 days later, which didn’t leave enough time to order injectable medications to start a new cycle immediately, though apparently we could have done them back-to-back (which I hadn’t been sure about).

We originally weren’t sure if we would try to do one more cycle at the fertility center with which we became pregnant with the twins or if we would wait to find a new fertility center after we moved, and honestly, things got so hectic with packing up to move 3000+ miles, the girls’ 2nd birthday, and me being gone for a trip for my new job that time just got away from us.  For me, because I was already on the fence about trying one more cycle before our move, I think I probably let the time get away and decide for me.  By the time the next cycle came around (in April), we only had 4-6 more weeks before our move, and we decided that with the stress of moving, we didn’t want to be in the position of just learning that we’re pregnant…not to mention that stress isn’t exactly the best thing for trying to get pregnant anyway.

So, now we are finally settled at our new house, and our next step will be to find another fertility center to start this process with again.  We have a lot to think about between now and our first consult, because we need to weigh the pros and cons of using gonadotropins vs. doing IVF this time around…

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