A Must-Read for Transgender Parents

Even before our twin girls were born, Molly and I started looking into ways to ensure my legal relationship with our kids that did not rely on the validity of our marriage (knowing that in some states, our “heterosexual” marriage could still be contested).

I did a lot of research myself and contacted multiple legal organizations to figure out the best way to protect my parental rights.  We ended up doing a judgement of parentage, and that was definitely the right decision for us.  Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in conjunction with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) published Protecting the Rights of Transgender Parents and Their Children:  A Guide for Parents and Lawyers.  This guide describes the legal landscape, recommendations, and advocacy suggestions for two situations potentially faced by transgender parents:  parental fitness (custody disputes) and legal parental status (legal parentage).

I wish this existed 3  years ago, because this PDF is a must-read for all transgender parents.  If you are currently a transgender parent, or you are a transgender person wanting, planning, or expecting to become a parent, please take the time to check out this guide and consider the recommendations contained therein to make sure you and your children are protected.

3 responses to “A Must-Read for Transgender Parents

  1. Not trans…but definitely did the second parent adoption as my half of a 2 mom couple – too many horror stories, usually after the death of the biological parent.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for having this blog out there for those of us that don’t know anyone else who are parenting and transgendered or transsexual. It feels very isolating – in our home it’s so simple,our almost 4yr old son calls me Daddy, and has since birth. Totally natural to us, but very awkward for my parents and various people involved in our children’s lives who are aware that I am still biologically female, regardless if that is not how I feel as a person. I hope you continue to write about your adventures as a father, and know how much it is appreciated.

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