Try #1 – Insemination #2

The second of the two inseminations for this cycle was this morning.  They told us the motile concentration was 20 million (also “very good,” like yesterday) so we’re as on our way as we could be!

Today we used one vial from Donor #2, meaning we have three vials left.  All three are in storage at California Cryobank so if we do another cycle at our current fertility center, we’ll have to transfer two more vials over to them.  The thought of doing another gonadotropins cycle with two inseminations, leaving us with only one remaining vial, makes me so nervous.  We are gearing up for another move (possibly cross-country) so if that were to happen – we don’t get pregnant this cycle, and we don’t get pregnant on one more gonadotropins cycle – it may make the most sense for us to wait until we are settled in our new location and just start fresh with a new fertility center and go straight to IVF.  I really don’t want to have to end up doing IVF just because we have only one more vial left, because we’ve seen that gonodotropins/IUI combination has worked for us (x2!).  There does exist a mechanism by which we may be able to obtain more of our Donor #2, but the conversations and decisions involved in that are significant – not that I’m opposed; rather, I would be grateful, but it would involve decisions made by more individuals that just Molly and me.  So, if we find ourselves potentially needing more Donor #2, I think it would be best to just wait until after the summer, when we’ve moved and all other things have calmed down a bit, to entertain those options.  Who knows…maybe this cycle or the next will work anyway!

Ironically, we were supposed to have our fertility consultation with a doctor from the reproductive services through our health insurance provider today (where I filled out the paperwork a while ago…yes, this is as soon as they could get us in).  With everything going on, we kind of forgot about the appointment.  Oops.

I seem to remember something about our fertility center requiring one “off” cycle between “trying” cycles so if we’re not pregnant this time, it may be another month or two before we can try again.  But for now, we are officially in the two week wait!  Perhaps the hardest part…

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