Try #1 – Insemination #1

Today we did the first insemination of this cycle.  I thought I remembered them doing an ultrasound during the insemination last time, showing that all the “goods” were released and that they put half towards each side of the uterus…but I can’t find anything I wrote about that so perhaps I am making that memory up.  Anyway, they told us the motile concentration was 28 million/ml (apparently “very good”), and considering they count “normal” as anything more than 8 million/ml, I’m satisfied.  Last time we got pregnant with 16 million motile/ml (1st insemination) and 13 million motile/ml (2nd insemination); although motile concentration is only one of the many factors here, at least it’s another step in the right direction.

The second insemination will be tomorrow morning. Today we used one vial from Donor #2, and we’ll use one vial tomorrow, leaving us with three vials remaining in storage at the end of this cycle.

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