Try #1 – Ultrasound #6 / Ovidrel

This morning we went in for the sixth ultrasound of the cycle to see how the follicles are progressing.  Sure enough, as the doctor yesterday said, both follicles have matured (measuring 19.5mm on the left and 17.5mm on the right) and ovulation did not begin on its own (whew!).  With two mature follicles and an increasing estradiol of 539, we did the Ovidrel injection at this morning’s appointment.  We scheduled our two inseminations for tomorrow morning and the morning after that!

At this point, it seems like we’re at almost the exact same point as we were last time, when we got pregnant with the twins, recognizing that we may have missed the fertilization opportunity for the first one that ovulated on its own last time, leaving the two mature follicles when we did the Ovidrel injection.  It’s hard to know which of the three follicles last time ended up as our two girls, but if it were the two that ovulated after the Ovidrel injection, then that’s good news for this cycle.  Regardless, at least one of those two were successfully fertilized so either way, it’s still a good sign that things this cycle are progressing in a way that most likely led to our success last time around.

This got me thinking though, that if screwing up one of the gonadotropin injections last time was what led to ovulation starting on its own, at least for one of the three follicles, I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t screwed up that injection last time.  It sounds like ovulation wouldn’t have started on its own, meaning we likely would have had three mature follicles that all ovulated around the same time, which means we could have more likely ended up being pregnant with triplets?  Oh my.  Seeing it this way actually makes me thankful we missed one of the injections last time.  Of course, this is all theoretical, and there’s no way to know what would have happened or what exactly led to our success (x2) last time.  But it’s still interesting to think about, especially considering that becoming pregnant with triplets would be the hardest situation for us.  Two follicles/potential twins – we could definitely handle (and have, with some semblance of sanity).  Four follicles/higher-order multiples – we would definitely reduce.  But three is the tricky number (for us), which is why we are pretty adamant about only wanting to inseminate on no more than two follicles this time.

The first insemination will be tomorrow morning. We’ll use one vial from Donor #2 tomorrow, and we’ll use one more vial the next day, leaving us with three vials remaining at the end of this cycle.

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