Try #1 – Ultrasound #5 – Monitoring

Today was the fifth ultrasound to assess follicle development, which showed that the two dominant follicles had grown to 17.5mm on the left and 16mm on the right.  It was at this ultrasound last time, when we got pregnant with the twins, that we had to tell the doctor we had screwed up by forgetting to do the previous night’s gonadotropin injection.  I’ve been so nervous about screwing it up again this time that Molly and I have both been very good about doing our nightly check-off sheet.  No screw-ups yet!

Estradiol is continuing to go up, now at 409, and this is exactly what they want to see.  We were told to do 112.5 IU of the gonadotropins tonight, and then come in tomorrow morning, when most likely both follicles will be mature.  If they both are mature tomorrow morning, we can do the Ovidrel shot to stimulate ovulation, and then do the two inseminations 24- and 48-hours post-Ovidrel injection.

I can’t help but be nervous that ovulation is going to happen on its own tonight, causing us to miss the right time for insemination, because that is what happened last time the day after this same point in the cycle.  The doctor we saw today wasn’t our regular doctor, and I asked him what would happen if ovulation started on it’s own.  If that were to happen, we would just do the first insemination tomorrow.  But to my surprise, his also said that on this medication (Gonal-F), there is only a 5% chance that ovulation will occur on its own tonight; there is a 95% chance that we’ll come in tomorrow with two mature follicles.  It’s true that it was also this point in the cycle where we screwed up the injections so I realized that’s possibly why ovulation started to occur on it’s own last time…but I still can’t help being nervous…

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