Try #1 – Ultrasound #4 – Monitoring

Today’s ultrasound was the fourth ultrasound to see how Molly’s ovaries are responding to the injectable gonaotropins.  Because it is a Sunday, we saw another doctor in the same practice.  She saw that two follicles, one on each ovary are becoming dominant and pulling ahead of the others; they measured 13.5 on the left and 12.5 on the right.  This is great news as we would much rather have two dominant follicles than four.  Estradiol was 181.

The plan is to continue on the 112.5 IU/night dose of gonadotropins for the next two nights, then and come back again for another ultrasound on Tuesday.  She guessed that they probably won’t be mature until Wednesday (three days from now), but just to be sure, we should come back for another ultrasound in two days.

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