Try #1 – Ultrasound #2 – Monitoring

Today’s ultrasound was the first one to assess Molly’s response to the injectable gonadotropins.  There were two follicles on the left (10.2 and 9.8 mm) and three on the right (12, 10.5, and 9mm).  We had our normal doctor this time, and he did indeed see the paratubal cyst in its “normal” location.

Based on this number of follicles (and the fact we want to limit the number that develop), our doctor said that if her estradiol level is more than 150, he’ll drop us even further down from the low dose of 75 IU per night.   But the estradiol level came back as 65 so we are to continue the gonadotropin injectables at 75 IU per night and come back in two days.

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