Although we thought we were going to get out of doing one, our new reproductive endocrinologist thinks it is a good idea for Molly to have another hysterosalpingogram, similar to when we first started at a fertility clinic before the twins were conceived.  That first one they did a few years ago was to make sure there was no structural reason why Molly hadn’t yet gotten pregnant; the reason for this one is to make sure there is no structural reason that could prevent her from getting pregnant.  Because we have only 5 vials left of Donor #2, and this fertility center uses 2 vials per cycle, we want to be sure that none of Molly’s innards have shifted around after the C-section with the twins that would prevent the little guys from reaching their destination.

So on a Friday morning, we packed the kids up and all headed to the radiology department at the hospital where they were born.  There was another set of (slightly older) twins sitting on the waiting room bench, quietly watching a movie on an iPad, and admittedly I had a fleeting dream that my two would sit quietly – even if it required an iPad – in the waiting room.  But we’re going through quite the Mommy Phase, with one child in particular, so we had put them both in a double stroller and already planned a potential escape when it became Molly’s turn to go in.  Neither of our kids, but one more than the other, have ever been good with transitions so when it was finally Molly’s turn, I capitalized on the opportunity to transition us out of the waiting room and back outside for a walk around the building.  We found some mini-bamboo and rocks and things to see and talk about.  The hospital building was much larger than I had anticipated so Molly was done with her procedure before we even got all the way around the building.  And it was done!

Apparently a doctor performed the hysterosalpingogram and said everything looked normal.  Great news!  Similar to last time, you can’t do an insemination on the same cycle you do an imaging study so we’ll just have to wait to see if the next cycle is a go or not.

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