Month 11

In just one more month, our girls will be a whole year old.  The months just keep flying by, and I’m sure that will quickly turn into years.

As I suspected in last month’s post, both are walking, pretty much exclusively, everywhere.  They’ll both pause and step cautiously or sometimes crawl over doorway thresholds, but other than that, we have two toddlers!  Each has also gained one tooth in the past month, leaving the score 3-6.

Feeding continues to be, and probably will be for the next foreseeable future, the most challenging aspect of a typical day. I’ve relaxed quite a bit about how much they’re eating, now that it’s clear they’re continuing to grow just fine (at least it seems like it…considering they barely even wore the 9-month clothes we bought!) and they’ll eat if they’re hungry.  Actually, we just reduced the amount of formula we’re offering at breakfast, because they simply haven’t been drinking it.  They don’t eat much food for breakfast either, despite plenty of options being offered.  Because of our one-nap routine, lunch comes only 3.5 hours or so after breakfast so it works out anyway.

One has just learned that throwing/dropping food off of her tray is not an ideal behavior, of course making her want to do it more.  This is typical of her around the distraction from/correction of any undesirable behavior of hers and what I expected of a toddler.  So we tend to maybe direct once so she knows but in general ignore these behaviors.  However, her sister (usually) responds very positively to redirection/correction and with a little gentle reminding, it’s clear she knows not to touch/mouth/eat/throw/hit/etc.  So it’s been difficult to “discipline”/direct the same behavior in the same way at the same time with two kids who respond completely differently to direction.  It just doesn’t seem fair that a less-than-ideal behavior gets completely ignored for one child but the same behavior results in a direction/correction for the other child.  For now, the number of things that result in redirection are minimal, but I can only assume it’s going to increase dramatically over next couple of years.  So we’re still figuring that out.

Sharing/taking turns is a pretty consistent struggle during certain days where they just can’t handle each other being in each other’s spaces or daily around certain resources (coveted toys, climbing structures, Mommy’s/Daddy’s lap).  I mean, I get it – they’re 11 months old, and from now until what…kindergarden(?) everything is going to be all about ME and MINE.  Heck, I’m surprise neither of them have learned those words yet.  So there’s a lot of, “It’s ____’s turn right now, and ____ is going to get a turn next” and associated whining and planned ignoring that occurs.  We’re told that one-on-one time with each of the parents will also improve twin jealousy so we are trying to make sure that occurs regularly as well.

Their receptive language skills are truly amazing.  You can ask them where is the… ball, book, pig, dog, cat, Mommy, Daddy, “Monkey” (a stuffed monkey that one has developed a particular affection for), and a handfull of other things and they’ll either go get the associated toy or look at/walk over to the dog, cat, me, or Molly, depending on what you asked. They’re both starting to point at objects that interest them or to alert our attention to them (“Did you see that doggie toy over there that I know I’m not supposed to touch?!”) but not yet in response to a “Where’s the ____” question.  They both will take something out of or put something in a container when asked, and one will “moo” when asked what a cow says (or if you point at a photo of a cow).  They both just started waving hi and bye, too. They’re like little party tricks, it’s really quite funny.  We’re no further in our signing, but that’s not for lack of effort.  The receptive piece is definitely there because it’s obvious they know what you’re talking about, but both are mostly clapping in appreciation or to confirm that yes, they do want whatever you just asked (instead of doing the sign themselves).  The one that “moos” in response to cow photos will also say, “Mooo” with a slight imagination of a trailing “r” when confirming she wants “more” of something.

That about sums up the previous month.  When going through my photos, I realized that I didn’t take any photos with my actual camera over the past month.  All of the photos we have are from our camera phones.  Thank goodness for smartphones or we’d be forced to carry an actual camera around (sarcasm intended)!

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