Month 7

Another month has come and gone, and I have no idea where it went.  When something fun or exciting is coming up (like school vacation or the holidays), I tend to have my sights set so hard on whatever is in the near future that I forget to cherish what’s happening in the day.  I think that might be what happened to this past month.  I need to be more aware of when I’m doing that, or else I’m going to miss my kids’ lives!

Sleep is going as well as ever – both sleeping 11-11.5 hours per night, both now only in footy-pajamas and sleep sacks with no problems.  A few days ago I had to move their crib mattresses down one height level because they are both are sitting unsupported and starting to show interest in reaching/pulling up on things.  One has discovered the efficient mode of transportation of crawling…real, live alternating-hand-knee “cross-crawling.”  I now understand it when people say, “I just turned my back for a second, I don’t know how they got into ____!” because it really can be that fast.  She loves to explore the perimeter and limitations of the living room, and we are constantly re-directing her out of corners or from under the jumproo, which for whatever reason, is the most fascinating place to be.  Because she is constantly on the move, she doesn’t sit unsupported for long – she’s capable of it but just doesn’t because she’ll move right into a crawl and away she goes!  The other is just great at sitting, and she’ll do it for 45, sometimes 60, minutes at a time, just raking various toys towards her, exploring them all.  She is so much happier sitting up than on her tummy, probably because of her reflux issues.  She is also quite the army-crawler and often rocks back and forth on her hands and knees.  Many times she army-crawls her way over to me and starts flapping her arms (her response to “Up?” to indicate wanting to be picked up).  It’s really quite adorable that she’s showing me, telling me in the ways available to her, that she wants me to pick her up.  I’m not sure she’s seeking a cuddle as much as a better vantage point to the toys, but I’ll take what I can get.

It has been so fascinating to watch their different personalities emerge.  The other day I snapped a classic photo:  one off exploring by herself, the other laughing at herself in the mirror.  It is also amazing to watch them learn and discover things.  In the past month, it has become obvious that they are purposefully shaking a rattle to hear the noise.  Since three months old or so, they’ve been reaching towards objects and shaking them with what Molly and I call their “flaily arms.”  Sure, having a rattle in their flaily arms made noise back then, but it wasn’t obvious that they noticed the noise, or that they were flailing their arms in order to hear the noise.  Now it is clear that they are understanding that the sound is coming from whatever is in their hand and that they are making it happen.  What is equally fascinating is that perhaps they were doing it on purpose months ago, but for whatever reason, it just became obvious to us.

Since a few days before the Month 6 post, we have been feeding solid food – what an adventure!  Shortly after that last update, we dropped one of the mid-afternoon feedings (which I had suspected they hadn’t been needing for quite some time, as evidenced by dribbling a huge proportion of the bottle down their chins).  The combination of dropping that feeding and beginning solid food means that we are down to four liquid feedings per day, during three of which we offer food as well.  They still maintain a daily routine, two naps at 1.5-2 hours each around the same time every day, but there is much more flexibility within that routine…which translates to more flexibility around going out and doing things as a family.  All great and welcomed changes!

Feeding them food is so much fun.  We started with Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal, then eventually moved to their Whole Grain Oatmeal and Whole Grain Multi-Grain cereals.  For fruits and veggies, we’ve done Earth’s Best Organic 1st Foods and now some of Earth’s Best Organic 2nd Foods.  The actual foods – fruits and vegetables – were much more positively received than the cereal alone.  Beyond their different personalities emerging, their different food preferences are also becoming clearer.  One won’t take the cereal mixed with formula; she will only take it mixed with water.  The other will take it mixed with anything.  One doesn’t seem to be a fan of apples or pears (which is in like all baby fruits and fruit/vegetable combos), I’m guessing either because of her reflux and/or the tartness, so we’ve found a few fruit mixtures that are dominant in banana or peach made by Earth’s Best, Sprout, and Plum Organics.  Sometimes it can be frustrating if you are doing it by yourself and one of them is yelling because you’re either going too slowly or they just want their bottle (all while trying to feed the other one at the same time), but in those times it is organized – and time-limited – chaos.  Our kids are certainly going to have to learn the meaning of “sharing” and “patience” pretty early on so I try not to feel bad or inadequate about it.

We have a big trip coming up – three flights across three time zones with two seven month olds in the span of three days (too bad we didn’t have triplets or that sentence would be even more entertaining), and I’m a bit nervous about how it’s going to go.  But when faced with a potential challenge like this, I remind myself that no matter what happens, no matter what it may feel like, time is passing at the same rate as always, and we’ll emerge on the other side.  That’s what I tried to keep in mind during those first difficult weeks with two tiny newborns who needed something what seemed like every hour or two around the clock.  Now here we are, just a little more than half a year later, and thinking…maybe, just maybe, we could do this again…

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