Month 5

I can’t believe the babies are 5 months old already. Time used to pass so slowly and now, as I expected, it is beginning to fly by. I feel like I just wrote the Month 4 post like last week.

The biggest development this month? Laughing. Before this past month, they both had laughed like once and it was really difficult to get them to do it. But now we’ve learned exactly what makes them laugh, and wow is it the cutest thing pretty much ever. And their laughs are so different, too. It’s adorable and so infectious.

Speaking of infectious things, half of this month has been characterized by fevers and snotty noses…that’s right, their first sickness(es). The origin of the cold was likely Molly’s work, and fortunately it hit Molly the worst (sorry, honey!). We had a day or two of high(er) fevers and now we’ve been battling very mildly increased temperatures, that probably don’t even really count as true fevers, and wicked snotty noses. One of the girls doesn’t mind the bulb aspirator or Nosefrida, but the other thinks you are trying to kill her. I think if our windows were open and someone heard her shrieks, they would definitely think we were applying some kind of medieval torture device. It’s clear it doesn’t actually hurt in any way and that she’s really just tying to tell you that she’s not at all amused by the snot suckers. Surprisingly, the whole ordeal hasn’t really affected their sleep at all. If anything, they were a bit sleepier when they had the fevers.

Everything on the sleeping front is still going great. At just over 4 months old, we transitioned them to sleeping overnight in their own cribs in the nursery, instead of in our bedroom. We have a video baby monitor in their room so the first night we tuned in every now and then. About an hour after putting them down, lo and behold, one of the girls rolled over from back-to-front while in her Miracle Blanket swaddle, in complete silence. She had also just begun to consistently roll back over from front-to-back so we didn’t particularly worry about her sleeping on her tummy, but it definitely wasn’t safe for her to be swaddled with her arms down anymore. So, that was the end of the Miracle Blanket for her and on to a sleep sack. That first night was a challenge, I think because we had to wake her up to move her into the sleep sack, but subsequent nights were no problem. Now we put her in the sleep sack, put her down on her back, then she immediately rolls over onto her front and falls asleep. Well, I guess we’re doing what we can to support the Back to Sleep Campaign. Our other girl hasn’t begun to roll over in the Miracle Blanket, and I’m not totally convinced that she rolls front-to-back on purpose yet so she’s still enjoying the full swaddling experience.

Typically, our last feeding is determined by what time they wake up from their afternoon nap (after about 2.5 hours of being awake, double meltdowns often ensue), but most of the time it is around 7pm. They’ll be asleep by 7:30-7:45pm, and we’ll wake them the next morning at 6:45am. There were a few nights where one was waking overnight, usually around 4am, with a diaper that had leaked and soaked her pajamas and sleep sack (I would wake for that, too!). Since being in the sleep sack, she’s become pretty much exclusively a tummy sleeper so I guess all of it was just running to the front. For those few nights, we found that simply changing her diaper and pajamas/sleep sack and putting her back down was all that was needed for her to go back to sleep. I was instantly frustrated with the mega diaper companies – there are multiple things that could cause us to be up at night with our 4.5 month old, but a leaking diaper, which they’ve had how many years and how many billions of dollars to figure out how to prevent, shouldn’t be one of them. Although we just transitioned her into size 2 diapers, someone suggested trying overnight diapers on her, which only come in size 3 and larger. And it worked! While they cover most of her abdomen because they are so big on her, there have been no more overnight leaking diapers or waking. I’ll take it.

They are both so interested in sitting up. I would say they are considered assisted sitters at this point, because they can sit in their Bumbo seats with no problem strength-wise, they will easily sit in your lap, and we’ve been practicing sitting supported by the Boppy. They have to each be in the right mood and not too sleepy, but they’ll both definitely sit supported by the Boppy for short periods of time. Regardless, they much prefer being in the sitting position (or standing position as in a jumper) than lying down. I would probably feel the same way if I had been confined to lying down for the past 5 months, too.

This weekend marks the first real holiday event we’ll do with the girls – pumpkin picking and carving. A preemptive thanks to our friends for being willing to schedule the event around the girls’ schedule!

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