Month 4

We have been a family of four for four months! Say that five times fast!

Awake time is so different as 3-4 month olds compared to the newborn stage. They are both actively searching out and reaching for objects, and once anything is in their hands it goes directly to the mouth. There is also actually quite a bit that comes out of the mouth after feeding, which happens with such frequency that they’re both what I call “two bibbers.” They could definitely saturate more than two bibs after each feeding, but at that point I just take the bib off and end up changing the outfit anyway. Also, they are crazy droolers so pretty much anything within their arms’ reach is at risk for contact with sticky spit-up hands. I’ve learned to be aware that this includes faces and eyeglasses.

They’ve learned anticipation. For example, we play this game where you make a kissing face/sound over and over while getting closer and closer to them, then when you finally get to their face, you make the kissing sound rapidly in their neck. After doing it once or twice, as soon as you start another round they will smile, turn their head and squint/bat their eyes lids (which is what they do when you reach their neck). So. Cute. They’ve also learned when you put me down and I scream, you’ll pick me back up. It’s obvious they’ve actually learned this, because unless something is truly wrong – I need changed, I’m hungry, I’m tired – and you don’t immediately pick them back up, the fuss/cry/scream lasts all of five seconds or less and they’re back to being happy baby.

Our sleep schedule is leaps and bounds from where is was just two months ago. For the past month, our last feeding has been around 7:30-7:45pm-ish, they are down/asleep by 8:00-8:15pm-ish, and they sleep until we wake them up around 6:45am. They’re sleeping in their nursery in their own cribs for all naps, which up until yesterday was three times per day. However, the third nap has not gone well for a while now so today we’re on our second day of two (longer) naps per day instead. I think as long as it doesn’t interfere with our very successful sleeping through the night, it will benefit everyone. They are still sleeping in our bedroom at night, though the transition to their cribs for overnight is forthcoming…as soon as we figure out this new two naps per day routine, assuming it works out and it doesn’t mess up their overnight sleeping. If yesterday is characteristic of how the new two-nap schedule will go, it will definitely be a positive change.

Around 3.5 months, they both began to roll over from back to front, within three days of each other. We’re still swaddling during naps and at night – we recently tried swaddling with a looser-fitting swaddle for a nap, and wow did that go poorly…they both rolled over onto their tummies and proceeded to freak out. Hopefully, once they learn to roll back over from front to back, they’ll figure out they can get themselves in whichever position they desire and we’ll be able to wean from the swaddling. Neither are showing any signs that they no longer want to be swaddled, but maybe they will be by the time they learn front-to-back rolling. One did roll front-to-back a few days ago, but I’m pretty sure it was purely an accident, and she didn’t seem to even realize what happened enough to incite any intentional attempts.

Four months also marks the start of Molly going back to work, unfortunately. Because I’m still in school, we’ve hired daytime help…and she’s a really good nanny – the laundry is always done, the bottles are always washed, Molly’s pump parts are always sterilized, etc. and the babies seem to like her. But I wish, I so so wish, that I was out working and making enough money to allow Molly to stay at home with the girls. What is truly the most frustrating part is that even after I’m done with school (sometime between this December and next June), and even if I’m able to find a job in this crappy job market, I’ll begin to have an astronomical loan payment from my undergrad and graduate school loans. Sure, right now I don’t have an income but I also don’t have a loan payment while I’m still a student. If I’m not able to find a job, then I’ll have a loan payment and continued no income. That is certainly not going to allow Molly to stay at home with the babies. I know something will work out, it just has to. I just don’t know what it’s going to look like yet.

2 responses to “Month 4

  1. Max learned front to back rolling first, and on labor day learned to do back to front. since then, we’ve wanted to work on getting him to sleep without the swaddle because its not safe for him to sleep in it once he can roll over. However, he really loves his swaddle! We had major fail trying to get him to sleep in the pack n play earlier this week, so we retreated to a tight swaddle with one arm out, and back to his newborn napper. Also, Ethan, I don’t have words for the jealousy on how long your girls sleep at night! Count yourself a lucky lucky man.

  2. My twin girls are about to be 7 years old. I have enjoyed reading about your life. We wish you all the happiness for you and your family. Twins are hard but worth every minute. Girls are wonderful, you will always be their Dad and being a Dad is a fun responsibility.

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