Month 3

The four of us have survived the first three months.  They’re both more than twice their respective birth weights, and their personalities are really beginning to show…and they sure are different!  My nicknames for them are Crabby and Splashy, for most likely obvious reasons.  Although the origin of the names were baby-specific, really either baby can fit either nickname depending on the day.  They’re intentionally reaching for objects and trying to bring them to their mouths and it’s now pretty easy to get them to smile…and almost laugh. They are both doing great at holding their head up and sitting assisted for short time periods. All of their naps are taken in separate cribs, in their room, though they are still sleeping in the bedroom at night.  We had to move from the co-sleeper to two separate mini-playyards with bassinets (which we had to buy anyway for a trip we’re taking over the holidays) because they were squirming around so much and ending up face-pressed against each other in the middle of the night in the co-sleeper.

We’ve moved from a a 2.5-3-hour schedule to a 3-3.5 hour schedule during the day, and at about 2.5 months, they started “sleeping through the night.”  Right now, their last feeding is around 9pm, meaning they are down/asleep by 9:45 or so, and they typically wake up by themselves between 6:30am and 7:30am.  Do the math:  that’s at least about 9 hours of sleep overnight, for babies and for us!  One has routinely been waking up around 4-4:30am and…yelling.  Not really crying and not even really awake.  Just yelling, like a fire engine, in her sleep.  She’ll go back to sleep and wake up a couple hours later when she’s obviously ready to get up.  Maybe it’s just a phase, but it’s still weird.

This is all such a drastic improvement in sleep patterns – I’m actually a functional human being during the day – from just six weeks ago. While I recognize and appreciate the progress we’ve made, I admit I’m looking forward to when their last feeding is at 7-7:30ish, meaning we can do their last feeding, put them to bed, then have a sitter home while Molly and I can go out for more than two hours or so. We’ve left them with a sitter/nanny in the evening before, but only really long enough to go to a quick dinner out. A dinner and a movie, or just a movie really, would be wonderful! I feel like every day is as long as a week and every week is as long as a month so it’s been helpful for me to have some kind of “goal” to look forward to. At the same time, I don’t want them to grow up too quickly. They are just beginning to really interact with us – and objects – so I have a feeling time is going to start flying by.

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