Month 2

So the babies are two months old now! Twice as old as from the last baby update and certainly twice the personality each! I wouldn’t say things are quite twice as easy (or perhaps half as difficult?) now than one month ago, but we are moving in the right direction. We are still on a 2.5-3-hour schedule during the day, though more time of each cycle is spent during awake time. Their awake time is much different now than it was just a few weeks ago; they are both much more interactive (with us, not with each other). They both started smiling around six weeks old, though at first it was difficult to tell if the smiles were intentional or just passing gas. But now they are most definitely intentional because different interactions will elicit smiles from them. They are both rocking out during tummy time and doing great lifting their little bobble heads.

I’ve learned that six hours of sleep separated into three 2-hour stretches (or even two 3-hour stretches) is qualitatively different than six hours all at one. And no, neither are enough. Now most nights we get at least one 4-hour stretch (meaning Molly and I get one round of about 3 hours of sleep) and occasionally the rare 5-hour stretch (giving us the elusive 4 hour stretch of sleep). Hopefully, the number of 4- and 5-hour stretches overnight will increase over the next couple of weeks and we can move towards “sleeping through the night.” That is, where “sleeping through the night” means one predictable sleep of at least 5-hours overnight. The other day a friend asked me if I could imagine getting 8 hours in a row, and I realized that actually, no, I can’t. And to think that used to be normal! I admit that in the middle of the night, especially on nights where we’re getting only two hours at a time, I’m quite the grumpasaurus. But when they flash those open-mouthed smiles at you, it puts it all in perspective and makes it all worth it.

I am still working on a couple other thoughtful posts about being a trans dad. While I was able to finish one about using a sperm donor, I thought I would have found the time during the last month to finish the others up. But they’ll get done eventually! Thanks to all who continue to be readers.

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