Belly Cast

Today we are 36 weeks, 4 days and we finally decided to do a cast of Molly’s belly. We had kind of been waiting for it to reach the “scary big” we both thought would come – especially after seeing this drawing of twins at 36 weeks when we first learned Molly was pregnant – but her belly (while certainly getting quite big), isn’t super scary big like we both have been expecting. Yet we wanted to do the belly cast now, just in case these babies decide to make their appearance sooner rather than later.

We used Proudbody’s Deluxe Belly Cast Kit, and it was perfect. It came with nitrile gloves and the plastic tarp and everything. The belly cast isn’t perfect (I’m not exactly the most artistic person), but it turned out well (and hopefully the fact it is home-made will give it charm).

3 responses to “Belly Cast

  1. So COOL!!!!!!

  2. Karr Osborne

    I’ve seen quite a few of these done and even (sorta) helped my friend with hers. This is by far the best home-made one I have seen! Good job:)

  3. Maybe if those kiddos keep cookin’ you can do another one at 40 weeks 🙂

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