Pregnancy Ultrasound #12

At 32 weeks, 4 days we had the 32-week routine ultrasound through the radiology department. The ultrasound tech was nice enough, but she was wicked focused on just doing her job. It was a no-frills, minimal side conversation, get the images in 15 minutes and get out kind of visit.

Similar to our previous 3D ultrasound about two weeks ago, Baby A was still head-up (breech) and on the right, and Baby B was head-down and slightly transverse (mostly on the left side but feet were crossing the midline and onto the right side near Baby A’s head). It’s quickly becoming much harder to get the classic cute profile images of the babies…because they are getting so big! But we did get a couple of pretty good ones to share.

Baby A:

Baby B:

This photo shows the twins heads together in the same image, which doesn’t immediately seem like it would be possible with one being head-up and the other being head-down. But similar to a yin-yang, their two heads just barely fit in the same image by putting the ultrasound probe almost directly in the middle of Molly’s belly:

Today’s measurements:

Baby A

  • Heart rate: 141 beats/min
  • Biparietal diameter: 8.21 cm
  • Head circumference: 29.85 cm
  • Abdominal circumference: 28.96 cm
  • Femur length: 6.38 cm
  • Estimated weight: 4 lbs. 10 oz.

Baby B

  • Heart rate: 148 beats/min
  • Biparietal diameter: 7.90 cm
  • Head circumference: 28.96 cm
  • Abdominal circumference: 27.77 cm
  • Femur length: 6.14 cm
  • Estimated weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.

The measurements of Baby A corresponded to 33 weeks exactly and the measurements of Baby B corresponded to 31 weeks, 6 days. They previously told us that it is normal for twins to measure up to two weeks apart, but I’m sure we’ll find out the official interpretation of the ultrasound at our prenatal appointment next week. It is truly amazing to think there is over 8.5 pounds of baby in there! If we were having a singleton, they’d be just about done cooking by now!

I assume the next (and probably last?) routine ultrasound will be done at 36 weeks. If Baby A doesn’t flip around pretty soon, we’ll be looking at a scheduled C-section (or an immediate C-section if labor starts before one is scheduled). Molly’s cervical length is still very good for now (3.73 cm) so hopefully that means spontaneous labor won’t start any time soon…

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