32 Weeks!

Well, we made it to 32 weeks! It seriously feels like just a couple of weeks ago that we were celebrating making the 12-week milestone. I feel like every time I turn around, it’s Friday and Molly and I say to each other, “Happy __ weeks!” Where did the time go?

According to the March of Dimes, at 32 weeks the odds of a premature baby’s survival are about 98%. Just two weeks from now, at 34 weeks, the odds of survival are more than 99% and “almost as good as a full-term baby.” That’s truly amazing. It’s amazing how far we’ve come.

I know I’ve said things like, “wow, this is becoming real” before. But for some reason, it has really, truly hit me during this past week in particular – that there will indeed be two adorable, pooping, crying, and sleeping (hopefully!) babies in our house. I think maybe it really hit me suddenly because our baby room is mostly done, we’re slowly accumulating some of the larger items (play yard, bouncy chair) and a ton of great hand-me-downs, and my parent’s told me they bought their plane tickets to come visit (when the babies will likely be at least two weeks old). I keep commenting to Molly that it is hard to believe that there are two babies in her expanding belly! As opposed to two alien-looking embryos or tiny, skinny fetuses that look more like skeletons with red skin. If they were born now, sure they’d be small and need some medical care, but they’d actually look like babies. All of this is exciting and scary all at the same time.

We’re scheduled to have the 32-week routine ultrasound this week, then I assume we’ll have the next one four weeks later at 36 weeks. It’s likely that if, at the 36-week ultrasound, Baby A is still breech, then they will schedule a C-section for 38 weeks. In this case, we’ll be holding our twins in just six short weeks from now! As always, we could only be so fortunate for them to hang out in there until as late as possible. But even six weeks is not really all that far away…

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