Baby Shower / Baby Room Decorating

Yesterday our local friends threw us a baby shower! We weren’t fond of the idea of a typical baby shower with all the typical baby shower games that involve melted chocolate bars in diapers and tasting baby food – while those are cute and can be fun, it just wasn’t our style. Molly and I have previously hosted pumpkin carving and gingerbread house-making get-togethers so our friends had the fabulous idea to decorate cake pops for the baby shower! Such a unique idea and so much fun! I have to give them mad props for organizing it and making it such a great time.

Here are Molly’s cake pops (I’m too embarrassed to post a photo of my green alien baby cake pop, which conveniently we only have blurry photos of):

At the shower, we got some much-needed items as well as an adorable woodland animals mobile that was hand-crafted by a very talented friend (check our her Etsy shop!):

We were also finally able to finish up the baby room! There are still a few of the larger items and essentials we need to get (bouncer, swing, diaper bag, second high chair, playmat) and some spares of a couple of things like crib and play yard sheets. There are also a few small things we’ll probably pick up for the extra little finishing touches on the room, too. I’m not a great photographer by any means, and I’m sorry for the weird, inconsistent lighting, but here is a feeble attempt at a 360-degree view of the baby room so far. The first image on the left is looking into the baby room from the hallway, then the sequence begins with being inside the baby room looking at the back of the closed door, then progresses in a clockwise direction. Click the image to view it larger, then on the following page that contains only the photo, there is an option to view it full size (5320 x 1153):

Just in case my photo project didn’t turn out, I also took a 360-degree video. The video is a .mov (Quicktime) file and should open in a new window or in your default media player (if you have trouble viewing the video, download the free Quicktime player).

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