3D Ultrasound #2

Today we had our second 3D ultrasound. We’re now at 30 weeks, and boy am I so glad we went and had the first 3D ultrasound back at 26 weeks. Wow are they crowded in there now! It was much more difficult to get really good images of them because of the tight fit and because they weren’t exactly optimally positioned (just by chance).

We did end up getting a couple of good shots. At the scan, Baby A was head up (that kid’s going to have to get hir act together if ze wants to be born naturally), and Baby B was head down, making it so that Baby A’s face was literally in Baby B’s butt:

Apparently Baby B’s butt wasn’t offensive enough to prevent Baby A from throwing the peace sign:

Baby B was difficult to get good images of because ze kept turning away from the ultrasound, but we did get a couple of ze curled up:

Then during the second part of the scan, they met face to face – with Baby B’s face right side up (on the left side of the photo) and Baby A’s face upside down (on the right side of the photo) – with Baby B’s leg between them:

It looks like we’ll probably have two or so more normal 2D ultrasounds, then before we know it, we’ll be seeing these babies in real life!

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