OB Drama Update

After our last prenatal appointment, both Molly and I were left with a very bad taste in our mouths, and we had decided to switch to another OB. In my last post, I also mentioned how we were originally told that we would have a formal ultrasound (with radiology, as opposed to in the doctor’s office) every four weeks. Even radiology told us that would be the frequency, even if everything was going normally. So we were surprised to learn that our OB recommended the next formal ultrasound in 8-10 weeks, not four.

Here’s the weird part: radiology called Molly the day after our OB appointment to schedule the next ultrasound – in four weeks. Either communication between the OB’s office and radiology is far from good, our OB isn’t exactly following standard protocol, or possibly both. Flabbergasted at this turn of events, we happily took the ultrasound appointment.

I had forgotten to mention one funny thing that happened at our last appointment. The OB mentioned that the time between 24 and 28 weeks is a very critical one – 24 weeks is technically the gestational age of viability, but at 28 weeks the rate of survival becomes significantly higher. So she began to warn us of how we should be careful not to do anything that may trigger preterm labor, especially during the critical time of 24-28 weeks. She twice harped on how we shouldn’t have sex because prostaglandins in semen can trigger contractions…”and it’s only a month of your lives together, it’s better just to abstain.” Um, really? I never thought I would be so irritated that someone actually didn’t know, or rather forgot, that I’m trans*. I guess that certainly says something about my ability to pass these days or be stealth if I wanted to, but heaven forbid she actually delivers our babies and says they look like me. I supposed she didn’t read the Certified Nurse Midwife’s notes very well.

And so, our need to switch. Molly got a few recommendations for a new OB and was able successfully switch to one who has availability that works for both of our schedules. It took some finagling and a while on the phone, but apparently the medical assistant for the new OB was very nice and understanding of our need to switch to someone more warm, kind, and reassuring.

It looks like we’re back on track for ultrasounds as we were originally told they would occur. We’ll meet the new OB early next month – hopefully we’ll like her!

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