Pregnancy Ultrasound #6

Today we had our 20-week ultrasound (today is 19 weeks, 3 days gestational age). This ultrasound was performed by radiology, as opposed to in the doctor’s office, and it is often called the “anatomy scan,” because it is the first time detailed measurements are made of various parts of the fetus and many organs are looked at individually (heart, stomach, bladder, etc.). This was the first appointment where I really wasn’t nervous at all – just very very excited to see them again! I was really looking forward to this appointment, because the whole point was to get really good images; I was hoping they would print us some good ones (and they did, see below!). The ultrasound technician was super nice and also kindly told us when to look away from the screen when she was scanning around the genital areas (we are trying to not find out the sex(es) of the babies before birth, see related previous post).

The appointment lasted about an hour and a half! Looking at two babies, the ultrasound technician had a ton of work to do. Both of the babies, especially Baby B, was moving around like crazy, making it really difficult to get the images she needed. Baby A is situated on the right side, and during the scan today ze* was head down with hir* face down (facing towards Molly’s back) most of the time, making it difficult to get a good shot of hir face. Baby B is situated on the left side, at a slight angle, and higher up (more close to Molly’s ribs), and during today’s scan ze was usually head down and face up (facing towards Molly’s belly), though ze was super active and did flip around quite a few times just during the ultrasound. Watching them move around and kick against the uterine wall confirmed what Molly had been suspecting for the past few days – those really are kicks that she’s feeling! I can’t wait until I’m able to feel them kick from the outside as well!

Stats from today are:

Baby A

  • Biparietal diameter = 4.64 cm
  • Femur length = 3.24 cm
  • Heart rate = 147 beats/min
  • Approximate weight = 12 ounces

Baby B

  • Biparietal diameter = 4.57 cm
  • Femur length = 3.12 cm
  • Heart rate = 147 beats/min (exact same as Baby A!)
  • Approximate weight = 11 ounces

They measured other things like head circumference and abdominal circumference, but I didn’t write those down. According to ultrasound technician, as well as the charts, both babies are exactly on track for normal growth and weight. Everything else looked like it checked out normally, too. The ultrasound technician even went back and talked to the radiologist to make sure she got all of the images they wanted, and she didn’t come back and “want to take more images” or anything. So, I sure hope everything reads normally, and I’m sure we’ll find out the radiologist’s conclusions at our appointment with the OB next week. If everything checks out normally, they said the next ultrasound with radiology should be in about four to five weeks. If there are concerns, or they just need to get better images of something, we may be back sooner.

The due date is now officially May 28, 2011.

And of course, photos from today’s ultrasound:

Baby A:

Baby B (potentially sucking hir thumb!):

*ze, hir – I am using gender-neutral pronouns to describe both babies as we do not know the sexes (yet). We are trying to go the entire pregnancy without finding out, but we also recognize the possibility of accidentally finding out during one of the routine 2D (or elective 3D/4D) ultrasounds. If we do accidentally find out, expect me to continue using gender-neutral pronouns until the birth! For a quick lesson on using gender neutral pronouns, visit here.

Update (2/8/11):
I was able to obtain printouts of the ultrasound report, which includes measurements for both babies, in case anyone is interested. On this printout, it doesn’t list the actual measurements, just the gestational age equivalents.

Baby A

  • Biparietal diameter: 20 weeks, 1 day
  • Head circumference: 19 weeks, 4 days
  • Abdominal circumference: 19 weeks, 5 days
  • Femur length: 20 weeks
  • Estimated fetal weight: 342 grams

Baby B

  • Biparietal diameter: 19 weeks, 4 days
  • Head circumference: 19 weeks, 3 days
  • Abdominal circumference: 19 weeks, 3 days
  • Femur length: 19 weeks, 6 days
  • Estimated fetal weight: 326 grams

Based on the charts, they are exactly on track!

4 responses to “Pregnancy Ultrasound #6

  1. Wow. May. You ready for them yet? 😉

    I had a friend in college whose nieces were triplets, and I loved every minute I spent with them. Ever since then I’ve wanted multiples (just two, though… I don’t think I could handle any more than that at a time). My wife, however, says she will go on strike if that were to happen so I keep my hopes on the down low!

    • We have the same situation in our house 🙂 The thought of multiples is exciting, but the thought of birthing them is a little less exciting….

  2. Wow! Almost a full pound each! SO exciting! And, looks like they may be gemini twins! That’s even more exciting (though I am partial to geminis….)

    How is Molly feeling? I know she was feeling pretty ill early on…. a little better now?

  3. nice and informative blog which helps me best regards

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