Prenatal Appointment #2 / Pregnancy Ultrasound #4

Our second prenatal appointment was today – we’re at 13 weeks, 4 days with twins.

We saw the same Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) that we saw at our first prenatal appointment, and she did a physical exam and breast exam…and was going to to a PAP smear until Molly was able to opt out. Considering Molly just had a normal one right before she got pregnant, she said No Thank You! We’re prefer to keep those buns still cooking, thanks.

Until now, we’ve been able to hear the heartbeats via Doppler through the ultrasound machine, but today was going to be the first time we got to hear the heartbeats using the external Doppler. We asked if we could get a peek at them with the ultrasound (even though we just had one late last week), so on it was saw their little hearts beating away, and both were moving around a lot! The CNM didn’t take any official measurements or anything; this will be done by radiology in the future, and our first appointment with them is at 20 weeks (in early January). We do have one prenatal appointment before then, our first seeing the doctor instead of the CNM, and I assume the doctor will do a quick peek with the ultrasound because we haven’t met with her yet.

Because we had already seen them on the ultrasound, the CNM wasn’t going to try to find their heartbeats with the external Doppler. But I didn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity! I asked if she would try, and she obliged. After a little searching, we were finally able to hear one of them! We don’t know if it was Baby A or Baby B (my guess would be Baby B since right now B is closer to the front of the belly), but the heart rate was 151 beats/min – a healthy rate for the gestational age. There’s something about graduating to using the external devices (ultrasound through the top of the belly, external Doppler) over the internal/vaginal ultrasound probe that is so exciting! And probably much more comfortable, and slightly less awkward, for everyone involved.

Molly’s been officially declared “high risk,” due to the combination of expecting twins and her bleeding disorder. I’m not particularly worried about it, because she’s been able to see a hematologist during the pregnancy and it sounds like they’re already communicating to the OB/GYN office about the appropriate precautionary plans for the birth. But because she’s “high risk,” we will see a doctor (as opposed to a certified nurse-midwife) at all of our future prenatal appointments.

They gave us one small ultrasound printout, but I didn’t bother to scan and post it, because it isn’t an especially high quality image. The photos from the last scan are much more interesting and cute.

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