Early Pregnancy Class

We’re 11 weeks, 3 days and today we attended the Early Pregnancy Class offered by Molly’s health insurance company.

I was glad I was able to go to it, though it did mostly give us information we already knew – nutrition basics, importance of exercise, early pregnancy symptoms and how to deal with them, etc. One thing the presenter said that really resonated with me was that there is a difference between being lazy and tired…I had already learned that lesson the hard way. A few weeks ago, I had been studying for a couple hours when evening finally approached, and all of the animals were acting out because they were hungry. I had just sat down in the living room after I was done studying when Molly asked me if I could feed them, which irritated me because I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have fed them at any point during the past hour when they were acting out, running around me and barking while I was trying to study, when she was just watching TV. Well, needless to say, the resulting argument was the moment I learned the difference between a pregnant person being lazy and tired – something I wish I had gotten to learn from the Early Pregnancy Class first. To Molly’s credit, she had been taking a much more active role in feeding the animals after I expressed my need for her to take care of little things she felt up to doing. While she was respecting my needs, I should have been more attentive to her needs and fed the animals when she expressed to me that she needed my help. Lesson learned.

The presenter also had these little silicone babies, each accurately-sized and weighted to various points in gestation. By 12 weeks, the fetus is about three inches long! It’s hard to believe there are two of them that size in there! Then she passed around the 36-week babies…man, I’m just not sure how they’re both going to fit!

One great thing we learned from the class are the other sessions available (some for free, some for a fee) through the company. Everything from a special multiples class with a tour of the hospital/NICU to infant CPR and basics of how to care for an infant. Of course, they advertised a Mommy-and-Me class, but there’s no Daddy-and-Me class. What about us dads, huh?

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