Official Prenatal Appointment #1 / Pregnancy Ultrasound #3

At 9 weeks, 4 days pregnant with twins, we had the first official prenatal appointment of the pregnancy (up until now we had just been seen at the fertility center). We expected them to just take a history, because we were only going to see a Certified Nurse-Midwife. But the CNM ended up doing an ultrasound…and giving us printouts, of course, including the very first photo of the twins together!

The CNM didn’t measure the heart rates, but we saw both of them fluttering away. I completely understand what people mean when they are nervous until they see/hear the heartbeats at every ultrasound. Baby B, who measured slightly larger at 2.75cm (corresponding to 9 weeks, 4 days – the exact time since the first insemination of this Try #7) was moving around like crazy, flapping both of its little arms out to the side. It’s so crazy to think they’re going to be little human beings! Baby A measured 2.43cm (corresponding to 9 weeks, 1 day). I guess it is normal for one twin to measure slightly smaller than the other, though I’m not sure how much difference is considered “normal.” I’m sure we’ll find out more details about that as the pregnancy progresses.

I guess now is as good of a time as ever to state that our official estimated delivery date (due date) is May 27, 2011. According to the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP), it would be May 28th, but the measurements on ultrasound are supposed to be more accurate than counting from LMP.

Twins (A on right, B on left,):

Baby A:

Baby B:

The surprise (normal) ultrasound certainly was a welcome gift to continue easing my anxieties.

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