Pregnancy Ultrasound #2

Molly is 8 weeks, 3 days pregnant with twins, and we had the second ultrasound of the pregnancy. Everything looks great so far! I was literally holding my breath until I saw the little flicker of the two heartbeats, and we got to hear them again. Baby A’s heart rate was 167 and Baby B’s was 180, both normal for their gestational age. Their growths also both measure normally. Our reproductive endocrinologist said the risk of miscarriage for us now is less than 5%.

This last visit definitely eased some of my fears and anxiety about it, but I know I’ll be anxious in some capacity until they are born and come home healthy. Our next appointment is our first official prenatal appointment with an OB next week.

And of course, photos:

Gestational Sac 1 / Baby A:

Gestational Sac 2 / Baby B:

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