Telling Others

Molly is 7 weeks pregnant with twins, and every day that goes by and everything seems normal is a gift. It means we are one step closer to having children.

Most people don’t tell others about their pregnancy until the three-month mark when the risk of miscarriage is lower. However, I realized that I’ve actually been telling a lot of people, even though I’m very nervous that something bad is going to happen with the pregnancy and I won’t be prepared for it. I think the reason for this is because we just recently moved to a new area so I’m not that close with many people (I really have only known my current classmates for all of three weeks).

I can only imagine how painful it is to tell people you are close to that you are pregnant, have them be all happy for you, then have to go back and tell them something went wrong with the pregnancy. We had to tell the people close to us about multiple negative pregnancy tests while we were trying to conceive, and that was incredibly taxing. That’s why I’ve taken extreme precautions to avoid having anything be revealed about the pregnancy on Facebook, which again ironically is where I have my closest connections (all of my friends from where we previously lived).

And so the irony: most people don’t tell others about being pregnant during the first trimester because they are close with many people around them, and having to deal with the disappointment of all of those people could be burdensome. But because we just moved here, and I’m not that close with many people, I find myself actually disclosing while it is still early. Not that it would be easy to tell them if something changed with the pregnancy, because it certainly would be difficult. But it wouldn’t be like letting down my best friends either…

One response to “Telling Others

  1. Hi Ethan and Molly,
    I’ve been following you for years through Ethan’s website. Congratulations on your pregnancy. It’s great!

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