Pregnancy Ultrasound #1 – Twins!

Molly is 6 weeks, 3 days pregnant, and we had our first ultrasound of the pregnancy at the fertility clinic.

The set up was the same as any of the inseminations – strip from the waist down, put your feet in the stirrups, and accept a vaginal ultrasound wand. Being a veterinarian, I am trained in reading the basics of an ultrasound. As I saw the doctor examining the entire uterus, I was pretty sure what I saw…but I didn’t say anything in case I was wrong and just waited for him to announce. Yep, twins!

We knew there was technically a possibility of twins (or triplets, lord help us), because we knew she had three follicles before we inseminated (one had already started the ovulation process before insemination so we knew we may had missed the chance for that one). But her beta-hCG at 18-days post insemination was a solid 336, basically right on target for a singleton. A beta of 336 is certainly still possible for twins, but I had convinced myself it was a singleton. Surprise! Seriously though, I really was in shock. And ecstatic!

We were able to see and hear both heartbeats, both strong and within normal range for their gestational age – Baby A (closer to the cervix) was 111 beats/min and Baby B was 124 beat/min. You could even see the little flicker on the ultrasound of the beating hearts. They gave us some take-home printouts of the ultrasound images. They don’t look like much now, but the doctor said they would look much more interesting at our next appointment in two weeks.

Gestational Sac 1 / Baby A:

Gestational Sac 2 / Baby B:

I was so excited, the information was just bursting from me. I called my mom on the way home to tell her. Apparently she was inside the house and my dad was outside. I told her that we had just come from our first ultrasound and were able to see a little heartbeat. I wanted to say, “Actually, we saw two!” but she was too quick for me and asked, “One or two heartbeats?” though mostly jokingly. When I answered “two,” she screamed so loud that my dad rushed in from outside, thinking something was wrong. When my mom told him everything was OK, he made a slightly-annoyed expression and turned around to go back outside. Then she told him, “It’s Ethan – they saw two heartbeats!” and he turned back around with a huge grin on his face!

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