Telling My Parents

I told my parents about the pregnancy by texting them a photo of the two pink lines on the positive pregnancy test. Although it is only Day 31 (counted from the first day of the last menstrual period), we got a good Beta number earlier in the day. It was after 10pm their time (we’re 3 hours behind them) so I wasn’t sure if they would respond right away or maybe the next day. I think it took my mom all of 30 seconds to call. As expected, they were very excited.

This past July, after we had a negative test on Try #6, I had to tell my mom not to ask about the pregnancy status anymore. It was just becoming so exhausting to repeatedly tell them “negative.” Answering to others’ inquiries only served to increase the amount of our disappointment, even though that didn’t seem possible. Luckily, my mom was receptive to the request and replied with a heartfelt, “I understand.”

We missed the following insemination (this past August), because we were in the middle of a move across the country. It’s ironic that the next insemination, the first one where no one was asking us the results of the pregnancy test, is the one on which we became pregnant…and we finally got to tell them “positive!”

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