Try #7 – Pregnancy Test #3 (hCG Blood Test)

The beta-hCG pregnancy test (a blood test) today was 336 mIU/ml (normal range at this point is 5-426 mIU/ml). This is great news! Of course, I immediately consulted BetaBase and saw this is pretty much right on target for being 18 days after our insemination. This is incredibly comforting. Technically, we know it is possible for there to be more than one (Molly had at least 3 follicles right before insemination) so only time will tell if we’ll be having multiples. The first ultrasound will be in 2 weeks.

Now seems like an appropriate time to beginning counting gestational age. Until they are large enough to be measured by ultrasound, gestational age is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMF), in our case August 21, 2010. The due date is estimated as 40 weeks from the LMF. This makes today Day 31 and gives us an estimated delivery date of May 28, 2011.

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