Try #7 – Pregnancy Test #1 (HPT)

I woke up around 7:30am to Molly saying, “Honey, can you look at this? I think there are two pink lines here.”

It’s been 16 days since the first insemination of this cycle. Our fertility clinic does a beta-hCG pregnancy test 18 days after the first insemination, which is in two days from now. But Molly had noticed that her breasts were much larger than normal and very sensitive so we just couldn’t wait. This morning we took our first home pregnancy test, and sure enough, the famous First Response two pink lines were unarguably there. What a great Saturday-morning gift!

Of course, we stared and stared at it, trying to convince ourselves that it couldn’t be our imaginations. Right after we got up, we went to the store and purchased pregnancy tests from the other two brands (“just in case!”). The EPT test was also positive, showing it’s little blue plus right before our eyes.

Still in disbelief, we called the fertility clinic to ask about the possibility of getting a false positive due to the Ovidrel (we knew it was possible to get a false positive within 10 days of using Ovidrel). We also knew it had been more than 10 days since using it, but I think we just needed someone to confirm that. The nurse assured us that there was no way at this point for the Ovidrel to be causing a false positive, and said they would do the beta-hCG as planned in two days (on Monday)!

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