Try #7 – Insemination #2

The second insemination (using Donor #2) for this cycle was done in the morning. They didn’t do another ultrasound, because they knew that Molly had already ovulated at least one of the follicles (as seen on yesterday’s ultrasound), and yesterday’s Ovidrel shot should do the trick for the other two follicles on the right ovary.

I still can’t believe that we missed one of the gonadotropin shots, basically at the worst time possible, right when the follicles were about to mature. It certainly complicated our doctor’s decision as to when to give the Ovidrel and inseminate, though I think we made the right decisions, given our screw up. It really would have been nice to have this cycle be more straight forward. However, they did warn us in the beginning that this cycle may be more of a “test cycle” to see how she responds to the gonadotropins. She was on a pretty low dose, yet seems to have responded pretty well. So I guess the fact that we even have a chance on two follicles is pretty good.

And so the two week wait begins. And actually, they do a blood test (beta hCG) at 18 days after the first insemination. We’ll see if we’re able to wait that long…

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