Try #7 – Ultrasound #6 / Ovidrel / Insemination #1

We went in this morning for the sixth ultrasound of this cycle to see how the follicles were maturing. After the recent screw up regarding the gonadotropin shot, we weren’t really sure what to expect in terms of timing. This morning’s ultrasound showed that the two follicles on the right were mature (which is what we were hoping for by doing one more night of the gonadotropins) and measured 18.5 and 17.5mm, but the one follicle on the left appeared to have already started the ovulation process. Ideally, they like to have the sperm waiting when ovulation occurs so we may have missed our opportunity for the left-sided follicle.

We did the Ovidrel injection at the morning appointment (even though Molly’s body was ovulating by itself, there is still a better chance for conceiving with the use of the Ovidrel). Normally, they would do the inseminations at 24 and 48 hours after the Ovidrel injection, but because of the positive ovulation predictor kit test last night and the fact that the left-sided follicle already begun the ovulation process, they had us come back later in the afternoon for the first insemination (this fertility clinic does two inseminations per cycle, unlike our previous fertility clinic that ones does one). The second insemination will be tomorrow morning. We used one vial from Donor #2 today, and we’ll use one more vial tomorrow, leaving us with five vials remaining.

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