Try #7 – Ultrasound #5 – Monitoring

Today’s fifth ultrasound showed that the two dominant follicles on the right had grown to 18 and 17.5mm, and the left dominant follicle was 16.5mm. We totally screwed up last night and forgot to do the gonadotropin injection. So, we did it early this morning, just a couple of hours before the ultrasound appointment. This obviously complicated our doctor’s decision about when to do the Ovidrel shot to stimulate ovulation.

The follicles still appeared intact (ie. ovulation hadn’t begun yet) on this morning’s ultrasound, so our doctor decided to have us do one more night of 112.5 IU of the gonadotropins, in hopes that the two follicles on the right will mature overnight, giving us a chance to have three mature follicles for ovulation.

He told us to do a home ovulation predictor kit (OPK) tonight and to call (afterhours) if it is positive. So, around 8pm, we did the OPK and it was indeed positive – this means that Molly’s body is producing the LH-surge that will cause ovulation. We did call the after-hours number for the clinic, but we decided not to have the on-call doctor paged, because it’s not like there’s anything they would do for us besides tell us to come in tomorrow morning, which we’re already planning. Also, the positive OPK isn’t entirely that informative, because we didn’t have a negative one first, meaning we don’t exactly know when it turned positive (could have been today, could have been yesterday, or even the day before).

I’m just hoping that missing the gonadotropin shot last night didn’t screw things up for this cycle. After all of the monitoring, time taken off of work/school, and not to mention to cost of everything. There has been so much monitoring, but I guess it is worth it to get the timing right, especially after knowing we may have been inseminating a cyst for the past two cycles. Luckily, the fertility center only charges for a maximum of 4 ultrasounds per cycle!

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