Try #7 – Ultrasound #2 – Monitoring

The first ultrasound to assess Molly’s response to the gonadotropins revealed 4 follicles, sizes 9, 11.5, and 14mm on the right and one sized 9mm on the left. This is really good news. However, they did see one large suspect-cyst on the right; it is a suspect cyst because it measured 15mm – and none of the follicles should be that big yet. Suspiciously, it looked to be in a very similar location to a suspect-cyst during our first cycle of Clomid back in May. It wasn’t determined if that one had been a cyst or just a follicle due to the Clomid. Also, a cyst wasn’t seen at the baseline ultrasound for this cycle, though that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Anyway, the working theory is that it is indeed a cyst, mostly because there’s no way any follicle should measure that size at this point in the cycle, even with the gonadotropins. If it measures similarly on future ultrasounds, then that should tell us the answer.

Her Estradiol level was 129, apparently exactly what they were expecting. They told us to continue the gonadotropin injectables at 75 IU per night.

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