Try #7 – Ultrasound #1 – Baseline

The new fertility clinic we are going to does a baseline ultrasound on Cycle Day 1 or 2 to make sure there aren’t any cysts or follicles left over from the previous cycle. Today was Cycle Day 2, and Molly’s baseline ultrasound didn’t reveal any large cysts or abnormal follicles hanging on. That means Cycle #7 is a go!

Because Molly has quite a number of very small follicles that could eventually develop, our reproductive endocrinologist wanted to start on a dose on the lower end of the dosing spectrum. The plan for now is to inject 112.5 IU of Gonal-F for 3 days, then drop to 75 IU. Ultrasounds will be used to monitor the number and size of the developing follicles.

One of the major risks of using injectable gonadotropins over Clomid is the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). If too many follicles develop, then they have to abandon the cycle, and, besides putting Molly’s health at risk, that is the last thing we want to have to do. Starting out on a lower dose of gonadotropins may mean that we don’t get the optimal result during this first cycle using them. But, hopefully it will decrease the risk of OHSS and make the whole process safer.

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