Try #7 – Learning to Inject

Before we could start our first cycle with the new fertility clinic, we had to meet with our nurse coordinator for a “learn to inject” appointment. She showed us how to load the dose of injectable gonadotropins in the convenient injection pen, and we practiced on little square sponges. I was on injectable testosterone weekly as part of my female-to-male transition before switching to the testosterone pellet, and Molly has done my shots in the past – so it wasn’t particularly nervewracking or anything learning to inject. I could see how someone not used to giving themselves shots would be nervous about doing it, but luckily Molly and I are both pretty experienced at it.

I’m so thankful that they were able to get us in on such short notice. Molly is due to start a new cycle in a few days (as long as it is a normal-length cycle…hopefully it won’t be a marathon cycle like the previous 80-day and 56-day cycles), and we really wanted to get things worked out with the new clinic so we don’t have to miss another cycle.

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