New Fertility Clinic – Possibility #1

Before moving across the country, we had taken a tour of a new fertility clinic near our new home. The facility was small, but upscale. We happened to meet one of the doctors during the tour, and he was very nice. So, after we were settled into our new home, we had a formal consultation at this fertility clinic.

We already missed one cycle due to the move, and we’re anxious to get started again so we don’t miss another cycle. The doctor we met with (not the one we met during the tour) was also very nice. Their prices were similar to what we had been paying before we moved, but there were a couple things that made me uncomfortable.

The doctor we met with recommended continuing to try with Clomid, although we’re pretty much ready to take the next step onto injectables after already doing two failed Clomid cycles. Also, and perhaps most importantly, they don’t do as much ultrasound monitoring as where we have been going for the past two Clomid cycles. In fact, they’re not available sometimes on the weekends (“if everyone goes on vacation at the same time, like around the holidays”), even if that is when you would ideally be due for an insemination. “We would just do it the next day that someone would be available to come in.” This doesn’t really make sense to me. We’ve already put thousands of dollars into this process, why would we want to take a step down in monitoring and trying to get the timing right? I don’t think so.

So, we’re having a consultation with another fertility clinic in our area, in hopes they may be more similar in monitoring and availability as to what we are used to.

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