Try #6 – Pregnancy Test (hCG Blood Test)

We learned today that our second try with Clomid didn’t work. The blood pregnancy test (beta-hCG) was negative.

That was officially our last try while we are living in our current house. We’re moving across the country later this month so we will need to find a new fertility center to take over the procedures. It will be interesting to see what a new doctor, with a new perspective, thinks will be the best choice for us in terms of maximizing our chances. We may be ready to just move on to injectable medications, which typically have higher pregnancy rates than oral Clomid. At the same time, they come with more risks and higher rates of multiple births.

Overall, we’re both really disappointed, because we feel like we’ve been pretty aggressive…and yet it isn’t working out. But sometimes I have to remind myself that we’ve only tried six times. That’s half as many as some other folks we know personally – it took them 12 tries! So on one hand, it feels like we’ve been on this road forever…but on the other, it feels like the road ahead of us could be so very long.

I’m ready to move on. Both physically from our current city and mentally in this process. Let’s just do this thing.

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