Try #6 – Ultrasound #2 – Monitoring / Ovidrel

It is Day 15 and we had the second monitoring ultrasound of this cycle. It showed that the two follicles on the right had grown to 19mm and 17.5mm. We still did not see anything that was an obvious cyst, though I guess technically it could look similarly to a follicle at this point.

The results of her LH test showed that her LH was already increasing naturally so they told us to do the Ovidrel injection to stimulate ovulation, then come back in tomorrow for the insemination.

There was also a 13mm developing follicle on the right and a 12mm one on the left, but because they have to be 18-22mm in order to be mature, these two won’t be ovulated, even with using the Ovidrel.

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