Try #5 – Pregnancy Test (hCG Blood Test)

So our first try with Clomid didn’t work – we had a negative blood pregnancy test.

Use of the ovulation-stimulation drug Ovidrel can cause a false positive home pregnancy test (HPT), because the drug contains hCG, the hormone detected in the HPT. To avoid patients from getting these false positives, the fertility center does a blood pregnancy test two weeks after the insemination. Doing a blood test for pregnancy takes the fun out of it anyway. For so long we’ve both dreamed of taking a home pregnancy test and watching intently, looking for the two little pink lines or little blue plus sign to appear. But no…Molly has to go in, get stuck with a needle, then wait for someone to call her with the (this time bad) news. Really, it’s not fair.

It looks like we’ll be trying another Clomid cycle. Maybe more than one follicle will develop definitively this time, increasing our chances. Or maybe not.

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